FORTIS Projekt

FORTIS Projekt

Fortis Projekt Inc. is Croatian joint stock company for designing and construction of electronic communication networks. The company also has its own network and provides electronic communication services.

Fortis Projekt is an engineering-focused entity driven by the idea to provide top-notch services to telecommunication operators, infrastructure operators, service providers, system integrators and other technology companies that aim to provide high speed broadband connections to customers by deploying the highest standards.

Since its founding in 2009, the company has grown steadily. Today, Fortis Projekt is one of the biggest and most experienced suppliers of modern IT infrastructures and telecommunications networks in Croatia and neighbouring countries. Entire Fortis group employs more than 60 skilful employees.
Fortis Projekt is also a supplier of leading IT manufacturers from the telecommunications industry.
We are certified for work with the most advanced technologies in telecommunications, thus guaranteeing a very high quality of services, from planning, engineering, cable assembly to measurement and documentation.

We offer you complete solutions and build FTTx networks as blown cable, microhouse systems or in fibre optic cable technology.

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