The CEE CEE Summer will include managers from all over the world.


It is primarily designed for:


  • Top persons in Telecom companies, including those at national and regional level. Business people involved in the strategic aspects of running their companies including senior executives and Board members, sales managers, IT directors, business analysts, department heads, etc.




  • Unique opportunity to directly meet the best Telecom professionals;
  • To participate in progressive thinking, immense international experience, latest global trends;
  • To acquire direct experiences and key new competences;
  • Exceptional networking.

CEE CEE Summer Belgrade 2022 participants:

A1 Hrvatska d.o.o., A1 Srbija doo Beograd, A1 Telekom Austria AG, Advanced Systems Sanayi ve Dış Tic Ltd Şti,, Akton, ALL IP d.o.o., Amazon, Amazon Web Services, Amazon Web Services EMEA SARL, Dutch Branch, AMS-IX, APELBY SOLUTIONS s.r.o., Arelion (former Telia Carrier), Avola, Bankai Group, Belletel d.o.o., BeotelNet-ISP, Betatel LTD, BH Telecom Joint Stock Company, BICS, BIX – Budapest Internet Exchange, Blicnet d.o.o. Banja Luka, BTS, CETIN, CETIN a.s., CETIN Bulgaria EAD, China Mobile International (Germany) GmbH, China Mobile International France (CMI France) S.A…, China Telecom Global, China Unicom, Code zero d.o.o, Colt Technology Services, Colt Technology Services GmbH, COMBRIDGE, Conexio doo, Consultant, Dark Fiber, DARS d.d., Deutsche Telekom Global Business Solutions GmbH, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, Digital Realty, Energotel, a.s., EVOLINK AD, EXA Infrastructure, Exatel SA, Expereo, Flexoptix, Fortis Projekt d.d, FSE Consulting, GRID TELECOM, Grifinum, GTT, Harmonicinc, Hrvatski Telekom, HT ERONET (JP HT d.d. Mostar), Hurricane Electric, Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH, IBASIS, INFO-Telecom shpk, Infobip BH d.o.o., Infobip d.o.o., Informatika projekt d.o.o., INNET Media d.o.o., INOVA-geoinformatika doo, Inspire communications LTD, Invitech ICT Services LTD, IPInfusion, IPVOIP s.r.o., Iskon Internet d.d., Islalink, IT011, Justvox d.o.o., LAN COMMUNICATIONS LTD, LANCK Telecom, Logosoft d.o.o., LOW LATENCY TELECOMMUNICATIONS D.O.O., Lumen Technologies France SAS, MAKEDONSKI TELEKOM AD – SKOPJE, MegaFon, PJSC., Mitto AG, Mobik d.o.o., Mobileum, Mtel d.o.o., NEOTEL DOO Skopje, Neterra EOOD, NETWORK PARTNER Ltd., Ninet Company d.o.o., Novatel d.o.o., Novatel EOOD, NTT Global Networks, Odašiljači i veze d.o.o., One Crna Gora DOO, Optisis d.o.o., Orange International Carriers, Orange Romania Communications, ORION telekom, PCCW Global Limited, Prime Telecom, Quantcom, a.s., Remote Hands 247 B.V., RETN , RETN Capital Ltd, RETN Poland Sp. z.o.o., Ribbon Communications, Rostelecom, SAT-TRAKT, SBB, SiTT Consulting d.o.o., Smart CIC, Sofia Connect EAD, Softnet, SOX, Space Hellas, SPARKLE, Speedflow Communications Ltd., Stelkom d.o.o., SWAN a.s., Synapsecom Telecoms S.A., TÁVGER Telecommunication Services LLC, Telekom Slovenije d.d., Telekom Srbija a.d., Telepoint OOD, TelQ Telecom DOO, The London Internet Exchange (LINX), TheSwissXperts AG, Titan International Wholesale, Transneft Telecom, LLC, Trion Tel d.o.o., Türk Telekom International, Türk Telekom International HU Kft., Türk Telekom International Telekomünikasyon San. v…, UGI, Vestitel BG JSC, Viasat Antenna Systems, ViaSat Antenna Systems SA, Viasat Antenna Systems, EPFL – Quartier de l’Innov…, VM Telecom, s.r.o., VNET a.s., Vocalis d.o.o., VOX CARRIER LIMITED.