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Avola is a forward thinking company covering different fields of new technologies, from telecommunications and system integration to digital transformation and information security.
Based in Croatia, we are established on grounds of former business entities Orbis Telekom and Vox Mundi, transferring their rich heritage, dating back from callback days of mid-Nineties, into a whole new level. Both companies achieved great success in fields of wholesale and retail voice traffic exchange with especially strong presence in countries of our region and interconnections with 70+ carriers worldwide, from big global names like Verizon and Telenor to regional operators.

Orbis Telekom also specialized in system integration with solutions for new and existing telecom companies (around dozen telecoms in the region are using some of our solutions). Conference organizing also became one of our strengths, CEE CEE, gathering of people from different fields we are working with is well-established as the biggest telecom conference in the region, with two main events in Opatija and Belgrade.

Vox Mundi specialized in fiber network lease, running our own or partially leased network from Vienna to Zagreb and extending it to full Balkans ring.

Combining the strengths of these two companies Avola is nowadays an important factor in helping the transition of our region into the future.